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A culture of continuous improvement

Capecare is the largest regionally based independent aged care provider in Western Australia with 220 staff and 70 volunteers. As Australia continues to see workforce shortages across the aged care sector, Capecare faces a significant challenge in attracting and retaining staff. With demand for aged care services set to rise, Capecare has committed to boosting its workforce through clever recruitment strategies and policies which support working parents.

As part of the Career Revive initiative, Capecare was supported to consider more varied recruitment strategies to reach a broader audience. This includes one-on-one mentorship from the Career Revive customer intelligence team to support better targeting of advertisements.

As part of the growth agenda, Capecare has delivered a number of community engagement events to create interest in the care sector. The organisation is seeking to expand on this and deliver outreach programs at universities and high schools in the region, while also targeting the parents of high school aged students who may wish to return to work.

To improve the experience of working parents, Capecare is exploring opportunities to provide pre-and after school care for their employees who work shifts.


Capecare has already done extensive work to attract, recruit and support individuals to thrive in their organisation — including through its traineeship.

Career Revive has supported the organisation to make small changes to its current practices, including adoption of online recruitment approaches and enhanced understanding of customer intelligence.

Capecare will continue to focus on attraction and recruitment, including looking to the broader care sector as a potential pipeline.