Career Revive case study - Neumann Steel

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Opening doors to a supportive and inclusive manufacturer

Neumann Steel is a family-owned manufacturer and supplier of concrete reinforced steel products and related accessories. Neumann offers a family centred culture, embracing work-life balance, innovation and continuous learning.

Neumann Steel participated in the Workforce Australia - Career Revive program to improve diversity and inclusion. A key focus has been correcting the misconceptions about working in manufacturing and attracting and retaining women in the workplace.

The Career Revive Action Plan provided a range of ideas, initiatives and activities to improve employee’s experiences, including:

  • targeted communication on social media and the company website to promote their values, culture and flexible workplace practices
  • the human resources and communication teams including inclusive language in job advertisements, removing critical applicant requirements and emphasising the benefits Neumann Steel offers to its workforce and community
  • introducing an employee referral program, using employee networks and positive word-of- mouth about the business and industry
  • developing a prototype pilot returner program and identifying business areas to target the initiatives, such as the injection moulding division, service centres and office roles. Neumann Steel will use program tools and insights to shape future efforts.

By implementing simple changes in their communication activities and hiring processes, Neumann Steel have onboarded more women looking for a career change in the service centre and factory floor areas. The referral system further enabled an increase in positive word-of-mouth advertising for the business and the manufacturing industry.

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The business has participated in the Workforce Australia - Career Revive program and has accepted their Career Revive Action Plan.

The business is striving to mature attraction, recruitment, and retention practices for women returning to work in their business.