Resourcing Request Template

The Resourcing Request Template may prompt managers to think more critically about inclusive job design. It will also provide HR with useful workforce insights to support more active management of existing and expected shortages.

A guide to using the template is provided below:

Step 1: Job diagnosis

Managers can begin by engaging the broader team in a dialogue about the new role. This is an opportunity to ascertain if there are opportunities to re-shape the role for the benefit of the team, business and individuals.

Guiding questions might include:

  • Can the work be distributed to other roles that do not have a full workload?
  • Can we enhance other roles and recruit for a different position?
  • Does the current job structure provide a development pathway for employees?
  • Are any of these responsibilities already carried out by other roles? Is there an overlap? How might this be resolved?
  • What attributes and skills have been important for success in these roles in the past?
  • Is there an opportunity for job rotation or enrichment?
  • Are there elements of this role that will lend themselves to time and place flexibility?
  • How much does this role overlap and interact with others?

Step 2: Managers to complete resourcing request

Following discussion with the team, the manager completes the resourcing request and sends to the HR team for review and action.

Step 3: Review and action

Before finalising the job advertisements, it is recommended that the HR team do a thorough review of criteria, language and the narrative in the job advertisement.

Consider whether managers have treated the resourcing request as ‘tick and flick’ exercise. If there is scope to update, re-profile or re-identifying the position, the HR team could follow up with the hiring manager.

Job design can be difficult, and it may be that managers require a deeper level of expertise to support them in the first instance.

Principles to remember:

When developing the job advertisement, do:

  • Look for vague criteria that could lead to discrimination or bias
  • Experiment with wording to remove gendered language
  • Focus on articulating a clear employee value proposition

Resourcing Request Template


The Resourcing Request template prompts managers to think more critically about inclusive job design.

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