Guidance for managers

Managers are critical enablers of workforce flexibility, serving as the bridge between policy and practice.

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It is they who define the parameters and expectations for flexible work.

Even the most employee-oriented managers are likely to have concerns about managing and measuring employee performance outside of standard work hours.

Traditional performance management is grounded in compliance and process. As businesses mature, they should consider that individual effort and external factors create environments that help staff to thrive.

Managers should consider where they might channel their efforts to integrate flexible work into their teams, and the broader business. Check out this questionnaire for guidance on this.

Managers should also ask themselves a series of questions before accepting or rejecting flexible work arrangements. Here are some questions to ask when considering flexible working arrangements.

There may be times when you need to have difficult conversations relating to flexible working, and that’s okay. Leading discussions that enable multiple, contrasting perspectives is how problems are solved, and performance improves. You might find the handling difficult conversations resource useful.

For a complete guide of the above resources, see the Guidance for managers resource.