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Re-imagining women’s participation in the IT industry

Diversus is a professional services firm delivering quality technology and innovative business solutions specialising in IT consulting, which is a traditionally male dominated industry.

Diversus strives to be an equal opportunity employer. They joined the Workforce Australia - Career Revive program to strengthen their workplace programs and increase the number of women in its workforce.

The Career Revive program provided Diversus with tailored actions to:

  • improve support services for female employees, and
  • guidance on attracting and retaining returners.

The actions Diversus is undertaking include:

  • renewing their communication strategy, branding and social media activity, including:
    • spotlighting female employees
    • promoting International Women’s Day, and
    • promoting staff testimonials to better communicate their employee value proposition.
  • redesigning its onboarding experience to enhance peer to peer support, building social networks and helping staff to transition into new roles
  • consider how to create roles that support flexibility and lessen the ‘always on’ consulting culture for individuals who have caring responsibilities.
  • setting up a foundation for the implementation of a supported returner program, targeting individuals who are looking to re-enter the workforce following a period out of work.

In the future, Diversus will focus on addressing the systemic challenges women face in IT. This includes experimenting with actions to improve career pathways and reduce penalties for part-time workers.

Career Revive Silver Medal Icon

The business has implemented a Supported Returner Program or has plans to do so.

The business has successfully implemented other actions to increase attraction, recruitment, and retention for women returning to work.