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Bethany Group provides community support and kindergarten services in Geelong.

Workforce Australia - Career Revive helped the Bethany Group to design and implement a Returner Program, which they have called Empower.

Empower started in June 2022 and invests in creating a positive experience for women returning to work and improving the employee experience for Bethany Group employees. The program includes supports and initiatives such as:

  • flexible working options (depending on role type)
  • one-on-one coaching for the first few weeks.
  • an induction, with the opportunity to refresh any skills or identify development needs
  • access to support and training, with ongoing training via their learning portal
  • a buddy from the Returner’s business area.

Workforce Australia - Career Revive has also helped Bethany Group to develop actions aimed at enhancing employee experiences. These include introducing a regular recognition program and dedicated learning hours each month.

The People & Culture team is also progressing various supports for employees who are parents. This includes:

  • developing clear procedures for taking parental leave
  • developing a toolkit for managers to support their employees before, during and returning from parental leave. This includes guidance on how the team and employee can keep in touch during the leave period.

Bethany Group has engaged with community groups and training organisations to share their Workforce Australia - Career Revive journey, promote career opportunities, and explore traineeship pathways.

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The business has implemented a Supported Returner Program or has plans to do so.

The business has successfully implemented other actions to increase attraction, recruitment, and retention for women returning to work.