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Female Futures: A Program to help Females return to Finance

Findex is a leading provider of integrated financial advisory and accounting services with a large presence across Australia.

Findex participated in the Workforce Australia - Career Revive program to improve their strategies in attracting and retaining women and talent to join their national audit and accounting teams.

Workforce Australia - Career Revive has helped Findex to implement a range of strategic HR initiatives. This includes designing and implementing a Supported Returner Program, that will be piloted in September 2022.

The Program aims to support women in regional locations to re-enter into the workforce through the organisation’s Virtual Centre of Excellence (VCOE). Roles targeted include bookkeeping, accounting and auditing.

The Returner Program will include:

  • assigned time for training and development
  • the ability to work flexibly
  • a designated buddy program to help orient and support returners.

Findex also plans to enhance the whole experience of women working within their business by:

  • establishing a Findexcellent learning module that builds manager capability in supporting and enhancing flexible work across the business
  • creating a Family Network for working parents to informally connect and share experiences, resources and supports
  • designing and introducing a formal Sponsorship Program, pairing senior male leaders with women to provide strategic advice and help accessing work opportunities.

Findex plans to incorporate many of the Workforce Australia - Career Revive actions across the organisation’s initiatives and Sustainability Strategy. The People Function have begun to implement actions including revising the parental leave policies.

Participation in Workforce Australia – Career Revive has helped to enhance the organisation's employee value proposition and provide support for women in the workplace.

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The business has implemented a Supported Returner Program or has plans to do so.

The business has successfully implemented other actions to increase attraction, recruitment, and retention for women returning to work.