ACTIONS: Improving your organisation's reputation

Organisations have a positive reputation in the broader community and are recognised as an employer of choice.

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What immediate actions you can implement:

  • Partner with local communities, clubs and skills-based networks to market the opportunities and diverse career paths that are available to women.
  • Work with recruitment firms and labour suppliers to encourage candidates who might not necessarily be seeking employment in non-traditional industries to apply.

What longer term actions you can implement:

  • Hold open day for individuals interested in joining or learning more about non-traditional workplaces. This could be run in partnership with other businesses in the area.
  • Leverage your organisation’s reputation to help attract employees through:
    • Website
    • Communications to clients and stakeholders
    • Communications to public (advertisements)

Actions: Improving your organisation's reputation


This resource sets out the actions you can implement to improve your organisation’s reputation in the broader community and be recognised as an employer of choice.

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